Every weekend, bank holidays and school holidays from 26 March to 31 August

The Médiévales des Baux

The Ladies of Les Baux

This year, ladies and young girls are being honoured at the Château des Baux.

Enjoy a whole host of activities, workshops and guided visits, and learn about the lives of women in Provence during the Middle Ages: their professions, the standards of beauty, and life at the court.

The weekends of Easter (26 – 28 March), the Ascension (5 – 8 May) and Whit Sunday (14 – 16 May), additional workshops will be available allowing visitors to discover the world of medieval women: beauty and body care, troubadours and courtly love, female knights and powerful women.

Not to mention archery, catapult throwing and medieval-style duels. At 11am and 3pm, travel back in history to a medieval siege camp and try your hand at arming the biggest trebuchet siege engine in France, as well as the couillard and the bricole. From 1.30pm to 2.45pm and again from 3.30pm to 6pm, visitors are also invited to try their hand at archery.