How the Château is run?


Greta FORNONI, General assistant


Augustin DE COINTET DE FILLAIN, Director
Christophe BETH, Operations manager 
Brigitte OLEGGINI, Management assistant
Marie-Alix DAVEY, Assistant

Marketing and communication department

Fanny MENEGAUX, Head of marketing and communication
Julia DA COSTA, Internet and new media manager
Romane DARGENT, PR and partnerships manager
Valeria GUERRA, Publications and publicity manager
Sophie ETCHEVERRY ROGER, sales manager
Andréa LALEOUSE, Community manager
Elise HARDOUIN, Responsible for promotion

Works department

Xavier DE BERGH, Head of works

Visit and Quality

Anne-Claire DE POULPIQUET, Head of visit and quality

Groups department

Stéphanie FAURE-BRAC, Groups manager

Gift shop

Nathalie GAZZANO, Head of gift shop
Keti CASTERAA, Head of gift shop centre
Alexandra LENGACHER, Deputy head of gift shop centre
Valérie HEDIN, Gift shop centre assistant

Reception/ticket office

Bénédicte MISON, Head of reception/ticket office

Administrative and financial department

Sylvie DISSERT, Head of accounting 
Roselyn BEYSSAC, Accountant
Stéphanie DA SILVA, Accountant
Linda CASTRY, Accountant
Rushany UTHAYAKUMAR, Accountant
Florence SOGNY, General assistant

Human resources department

Gaëlle CHANTREAU, Head of human resources department
Natacha FOISSY, Deputy head of human resources
Adélaïde BLONDEL, Human resources assistant
Alexandra HOAREAU, Human resources assistant