The windmill and the Charloun Rieu monument

The windmill

Windmills belonging to the Château and the village community were erected in the southern pointed section of the Château grounds which was particularly exposed to the wind. The surviving mill dates from 1652. It naturally calls to mind the windmill at Fontvieille on the road to Arles that inspired Alphonse Daudet to write Lettres de mon moulin (Letters from My Windmill) while he was staying at the Château de Montauban in Fontvieille. 

The Charloun Rieu monument

The Charloun Rieu monument, erected in 1930, is the work of the Marseilles sculptor Botinelly. It was erected in honour of the poet Charles Rieu, the oldest of ten children, born to a farmer in the village of Paradou in 1846. He was destined to follow his father into agriculture.
He initially wrote poems in French, with a certain degree of success. Then Frédéric Mistral encouraged him to write in his mother tongue, Provençal. Charles Rieu, now known as Charloun dou Paradou, thus became involved in the 19th century movement to revive the Provençal language and culture. His Chansons du Terroir, Nouvelles Chansons du Terroir and Dernier Chant were published between 1897 and 1904. He also published a translation into Provençal of Homer’s Odyssey.